Sunday, January 11, 2009


This blog is dedicated to Ms. Tiffany Chung =D. Im doing this blog for two reasons 1. I feel like it. lol and 2. I told her I would. Simple enough. Lets begin : Tiffany and I have the same birthday, June 10th 1990, one of the many reasons she has been entitled as my twin. Another reason is because we both have a belief in what Ms. Huggins taught us in english about UNITY. It is real people, whether you like it or not. I love Tiffany =D. We've gone through a lot in high school, not as much as I would like but than again I think I just miss her a lot =/. I remember the best times in high school were on the handball court chilling. Drinking Arizonas with Tiffany and Wynton (well he stole mine) and just getting a tan. Those good old days. Another thing I remember is how she was always my go-to-girl in class. Very smart, but also very lazy ! lol That was my half coming out. Class was always fun when she was in it, shed do all the work and I'd make her laugh. It was an unspoken agreement we had. More memories. We both were in NHS, which was composed of going to meeting and talking about basically what we WEREN'T going to do this semester. HOW FUN! lol.
Next. Prom. I'll always remember prom. I had the honor of going with Tiffany, but I think I was more excited than she was! LOL. I was jumping in the limo. Well she surprised me that night. A lot of times actually. First of all Tiff has one of the better senses of style I've known. I never saw her all dressed up before that night and THAT was a crazy experience. AND she wore heels..I'll repeat it. Heels. LOL. The other thing that surprised me was that she knew how to dance. All these years of me dancing at the handball courts acting retarded and ALL of a sudden, she breaks it down. Like where were you all those years!! It was crazy. The best thing about Prom was that we it was a difficult process. VERY DIFFICULT. Also, those cubes that we made each other was a fun experience. =D.
The greatest thing that I will say about Tiffany is that she truly knows how to live it up. She understands my humor and that could be very hard. She can carry the most random conversations with me and THAT is why I love her, because she is like me in so many ways. Whether it be spazzing out, handball, screaming retarded things for no reason, making fun of people, whatever it is, we do it. She will always be my twin. Its just that 610 thing that can't go away. Unity is real! =D

P.S. I found this to be fun. I think I'm going to do more individualized blog entries for special people =D. Twin gets first dibbs though.

P.S.P.S I <3 U Dumpling =D


  1. Oh hey, it's me! Dude, the first pic disgusts me.. Okay, fine, I'm letting it go... okay, its gone!

    The second pic, =D.. You see me ill tan, it was all from hb, playing in a T, and getting that tan line!

    And, the third pic.. I've never seen in my life. But it looks great!

    And yes, we've been through a lot! Most of the things we've been through were completely random.. and yes, I miss spazzing out, saying retarded things, and making fun of people with you! It's not the same without you.. People dont get my sarcasm.. they think im serious when I'm not.. and they dont take me seriously when I am.. LOL, that's not a good thing..!
    And yes, I tend surprise people a lot =)

    To sum this all up.. cause I'm like.. writing a post in your comments... You're AWESOME. AWE SOME.

    P.S. - I miss you a lot too!

    P.P.S - I <3 you squirrel! ;D

  2. that really is cute (i think i'm a little jelous =). Go tiff!