Thursday, January 8, 2009

Robots in Disguise

Fun, quick blog entry. I was walking down 5 avenue today on my way to work and on the corner of 42nd Street next to those guys who shine your shoes (they do a kickass job lol) was this huge set up of gadgets and cameras and stuff. Everyone was looking at it like it was going to transform into an Autobot (from transformers) lol and it was pretty funny watching people get freaked out because they didnt know what they were doing. Im not too sure why they were there but if anyone finds out that a giant robot took over NYC I was the first reporter on the scene =D.

P.S. - Im going back later to ask what those people are doing. LOL hopefully I dont get kidnapped and turned into a cyborg, as cool as that sounds.


  1. lol julian ^.^ you definitely work near my daddyyyy!

  2. lmfaooo, so i had to type in the word "pannk" to post that comment, idk.. it was random

  3. lol sounds cool. where do you work? i hang out on 5ave all the time lol.