Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fans of Poetry

Im dedicating this blog to saying thanks to everyone who commented my poetry when I posted them on my other website. So no one gets left out Im just going to write the names of the people and what they said:

Defect -
Alot of heart it sounds like went into that poem. Keep on a writing. =) (Written based on You're My Love)

Katz -
Great poem (Written based on You're My Love)

Laura -
Wow, so true, i know exactly what you are talking about, i really like your writing style, its very vivid and you can tottaly feel for what the persons going through

keep the talent. keep the faith. keep the ability to write beautifully (Written based on Pain)

William -
Well written from the heart..keep it up (Written based on You're With Someone Else)

Cassie -
I love this poem so much i wish a guy gave it to me (Written based on I Love You More)

Briana -
Dang, i wish i were as good as you. (Written based on Love Was Overlooked)

John Pickett -
You really can't comment. I am still dazed. (Written based on Final Breath)

Alicia Keys -
Crazy but inspiring. (Written based on Final Breath)

John -
Straight up amazing... very very sad, but so well written. I haven't seen many poems written with so much emotion, keep up the good work. 5/5 (Written based on Final Breath)

Wip Lost the Rythm -
I think you could cut back on some wording to make it more emphasizing and some lines are repetative but otherwise it's a good poem, I don't really like the rhyme but then again I never do like the rhyme so it's not a judgment against the poem

good job (Written based on Final Breath)

Nativebabyhoney89 -
Good job (Written based on Final Breath)

Nativebabyhoney89 -
Wow i liked this one the most that some sweet poem i wish my bf can write liked that well keep on writing ur kooler than kooliade lol peace (Written based on I Love You)

Nativebabyhoney89 -
Good poem i really liked keep it up (Written based on Perfect Solution)

Thanks again for commenting. =D Its a good feeling knowing people actually like the things you do. Like I said in an earlier blog Im transfering my poems to this blog.


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