Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A New Era

I've finally come to the conclusion that I NEED to pursue more. I don't know what it is but I feel like I can do so much more in life. I'm building a plan for a new company that I have yet to find a name for. The company is going to be involved with schools around New York (just for the start hopefully it will expand) and it will be primarily about Art. I feel like art is losing it's touch on people. I know there are plenty of artists but everyone is freelancing and we need a joint operation. This company will be based on the idea that visually schools need to be more lively. I want to put up some really nice artwork on school walls and even on the schools themselves. We could set up photographers on one side to take professional shots of the school in "real time" and then artists can draw and be creative. Why is artwork only limited to galleries? Art needs to be seen, it needs to be around people. If I walk through another grey hallway Im going to run into staples, grab a paint bucket, and throw it everywhere! Im serious. I really want to do this and I'm sure it will happen someday.

Since we are speaking about art I have some new photography to show the world =D. Enjoy

P.S. - This coming February I will be framing and selling my photographs, a little excited and scared at the same time. =D


  1. You're really talented! I love your photography. Especially the one with half of the black cat's face. How much are you going to sell it for, and how big is it?
    That company is a great idea, by the way. I agree, schools look way too bland. The walls (and ceilings!) need to be spiced up with art.

  2. That's a really nice pic of the spider, but its freaking me out!

  3. amazing photography! i love the dew on the trees the best

  4. Yo your photos are really good. Uh oh more talent? lol. Photoshoot?