Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday Nights

Last night I had mad fun. I went to this club called Plush and I actually had a good time, despite the fact that a few people got me upset because they are so typical but hey what are you gonna do. Anyway it was a fun night, I jumped in a battle, danced with a couple girls, had a couple shots and then passed out. It was a good way of dealing with another Friday. I think Fridays are my new "head out and do me" nights. Usually Saturday would be the ideal night, but Friday just took over. Next time around Imma send invites, only thing is you gotta know how to dance =D. Or at least two step lol

P.S. WHY THE HELL IS IT SO COLD! I suggest underarmour for the guys, Ive been wearing it and Im warm. Try it. And for the girls, well...bundle up =D

P.S.P.S - Shout out to JAM for scoring some more points. Thats 11 so far as a college kid. Lets keep it goin!

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  1. Ey YO, i peeped that! word i'll take an invite. Ain't nothing better after a victory, then partying and dancing. Fuck the bullshit! OH and i don't know much about dancing BUT i can two step my ass off (counts in his head, 1,2, 1,2 then thinks of Hitch)