Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poetry Update


Remember this moment
As the curtain falls from the sky,
Memorize my reaction
So you'll never wonder why,
Why this ran so far deep
Past the skin on your wrist,
Why the words cause you pain
As i begin telling you this,
The perfect world you knew
Ceases to spin,
The fantasy life you had
You are no longer in,
The smile you used to have
Removed from your face,
The sparkle you had in your eyes
Isn't in its place,
You just wouldnt listen
As i gave you wise advice,
You couldn't understand
Every consequence has a price,
Look at you now
Your choices brought you pain,
Check your mirror now
And watch your eyes spill out rain,
Try to revive yourself now
After you've flatlined your heart,
Get yourself out of your grave
If you think you're so smart,
Lets see that pretty face
Become happy once more,
Lets see that fake smile
That everyone adores,
Play those childish games
That have outdated age itself,
Laugh about the world
After looking at yourself,
Your just another beautiful photo
Developed and complete,
Time has made you black and white
Crumpled on the street,
So much time wasted
Trying to show you a better way,
So many days lost
Attempting to make you stay,
The shadows have taken you now
A captive of dark nights,
There are no more sunny days
No more flashing lights,
My beautiful reflection
You were like me in every way,
Now a shattered image
That wont see the light of day.
Remember this baby
Cause you wont hear that again,
Remember this my love
Because you wont even be a friend,
The flight has taken off
Departed for a better side,
Im in the first class section
While I wave to you goodbye,
I'll remember this forever
The day i finally got a break,
Ill forget your face in time
Because theres nothing left to take,
No more visits from me
Just close the door shut,
No more games for me
Im the player who finally got cut,
Im free from the scars
They faded in the skin,
Im free from the pain
It no longer resides within,
You are the memories
Lost within my mind,
A shattered thought
One i'll leave behind.


1 comment:

  1. i love it when i read your poems, and i have a visual of everything that your saying in my head ! i gets swoons :)