Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking Out the Trash

This is my last message to you, and im letting everybody know just what that means. So when you wake up tomorrow and look for me in your life I'll be as close as a memory. You deserve this, almost seeking this upon yourself. I gave you the helping hand and you deceived the loyalty i provided. Spitting in my face won't bring me down. You made the choice a long time ago to take the path to change. To be somebody you're not. I never understood the greed you possessed. I never knew when that poison infultrated your body. When you lost control and left me to suffer your misery. Its over. I've been through enough to know you are only a phase. After your final change in life you'll be all alone. Wishing you had at least one person to talk to. You'll look yourself in the mirror and watch your own image run away. You've betrayed everyone in your life and believe everything will always be fine. You've handed out more personal knives than the marines. Your worn out. The Jordans i no longer have any feelings for. That old cereal you throw out after reading the experation date. You gave it all up for selfishness. The price for that is now you only have yourself. Everybody needs somebody and now you have nobody. So sit in your room. Cry yourself to sleep. Slit your wrists time and time again until your blood turns into guilt. Turn your own knives against you. Every rose may have thorns but you evolved into pain itself. Everyone will know of who you are. Who you really are. Behind all that makeup is where pure evil resides. Don't say my name under your breath. Don't text me asking for your help. Just wave yourself goodbye and afterwards hide under a rock. Everyone has their own place in life, you are supposed to be everyone's fatal memory. Goodbye.
.....system updated......
.....shutting down opened programs.....
.....power off.



  1. All i can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT dude. PIC. That was outstanding but really painful. If you need to talk just let me know. And i feel bad for the person you wrote that for. I never in all my life of writing put something that ...idk wretched in writing. Feel better man.

  2. I agree with jon. I'm here if you need to talk