Sunday, January 4, 2009


I wasn't able to sleep last night. I kept waking up and I don't know why. I couldn't figure it out. Well anyway here's another poem. =)


The night is young, I search through the chaos in my mind for comfort, anything to bring me to sanity. I search the walls as in search for gold, I only find wandering eyes mixed with daydreams of the future. There she is again, displayed for me as clear as the eye can see. I cannot shift my eyes, the very thoughts bind me to stay, force me to think of her. I give in when theres no route to escape. She is beautiful, haunting me with the reality that she isnt there, she is only on display. She is the music that replays the symphony to my desires, my immagination that sparks into visions and colors, i channel through my thoughts to find the source of her voice, to reach the lips at the very end. She is in constant lumination of everything that surrounds me. She leaves me no choice but to lose control, I envy her for this, because no other person has this power over me.

I have become a mental photographer,
And she has become my only subject.


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