Monday, January 5, 2009


I love photography. The way the lens sounds when it's zooming in, the way the flash blinds everyone, the way the pictures look, black and white photos, the whole concept of photography is just amazing. I have two quotes about photography that can explain just what it is.

"Photography makes you see the world, rather look at it. it captures thought." -Michelle
"Photography, the exit of chaos. The ability to stop time and stare. The ability to look around and see things that the eye hides at first glance." - J.Cazares

Photography has become one of my most recent passions. One day I want to buy one of those really cool half manual half digital cameras. As soon as I come up with $1500. =/ Damn economy. Well anyway I like taking pictures and I'm going to post them up here. Figured blogging doesn't have to be about writing, it's all about creativity =D.

Heres some of my photos:

I really took all of these photos. Try not to take them, thats illegal! Unless of course you got paypal =D. LOL I'll post more up as time goes by, please comment any of the ones you liked =D.

P.S - Asalamalayka!!!



  1. I've told you on myspace how i love some of your pictures..and I really like the way you and your friend described it. I couldn't have said it better myself. Before I moved to NYC, I was in a photography class and we didnt use digital cameras but it was still nice and I enjoy it and the element of that capture.

    Asalamalayka =).
    Lorri.----Dessert =O

  2. I love all of your pictures! I am so into photography also.. But I'm so damn lazy, I don't go out to take pics. You remember how I always had my camera with me? .. Yeah.. no more =\ but dude, I miss you! =D love you!<3

  3. julian ! must you make your qoute better then mine. im so using this blog one dayy !

    and i will have a 3,000 dollar cam (: