Sunday, January 4, 2009


AHHHH!! I've been stressing about grades ever since the start of this damn vacation and I'm proud to say I can now finally enjoy it. I checked CUNY and my grades are up on esims, they are:

1. Psychology100 - B
2. English120 - A
3. First Year Seminar - B+
4. Economics - B-
5. Geography - B+
6. Math101 - A

=D its a good feeling knowing those late night papers paid off in the end! Shout out to my FYSH crew at Hunter =D (Stephanie, Lorena, Will, Kyle, Jared, Elan, Lena, Jessica, Claudia, Jasmine, everyone? lol)
Julian Cazares


  1. Hey Julian!
    We got the same grades in English and Psychology! Niceeee =)
    Happy New Year!

  2. not bad, i have about the same grades in my classes lol

  3. oh! and Ninja New York is on 25 Hudson Street. it's on the lower west side & is a reservation-only restaurant so plan ahead (=