Tuesday, January 6, 2009

RFK Memories - Class of 2008

I thought it would be a cool idea to write down my favorite memories at RFK in hope that I never forget them. Im going to put them in a list, not in any particular order though so dont think what is last means least and vice versa. Here it goes, a trip back to RFK:

1. Talent Show Peformances (07, 08) - Shout out to Wynton Majette and Cathy Medina. Love you guys.
2. Practicing in Gildeas room with Cathy and Wynton. Lol (Gildea hated us for that. =D)
3. Hanging out in Huggins room in the AM, afternoon, even after school, PM, whenever. Lol - shout out to JAM, farah, stephanie rubino, and cathy.
4. Mr. Ryder and U.S History. -shout out to Hugo, this was the first time I met him lol.
5. Art Class and Ms. Besozzi's creativity.
6. Sleeping in English and everyone being mad because i never did work. (FYI i just knew what was going on before hand!)
7. Teaching English when Huggins was out of class. Lol (i didnt do so bad)
8. Drawing all over RFK. (Surprisingly the boards are still up!)
9. Shouting Jamaican expressions with Stephan Brooks. Lol miss you man.
10. Reading the poem at graduation with Jonathan. (We killed it kid)
11. Hanging out with my koreans =), even arguing with them! (Esther Yang and Christine Yang) - damn i miss you two.
12. Being co-presidents of the Art Club with Esther =D
13. Looking at Alexis Miller's comic book dress for the first time. (Lol so cool)
14. Watching Audrey transform into a fashion statement. Lol
15. Having problems with girls. (No names lol)
16. Henderson and his wisdom. Also, his jokes! He's a funny guy people, really funny guy.
17. The "ive never games" that were played at various places. (Publications class, Mcdonalds, SmileyA1's)
18. HANDBALL! Damn i miss it. Shout out to the top 3 Handball players of RFK. 1. Me lol, true story. 2. Steven Melara, 3. Kevin Le.
19. Watching Limor walk in late to US History wearing a pink juicy outfit and drenched hair. (Lol JAM you gotta remember that you were right next to me)
20. The baseball team and Danny Watson beating me up. I actually miss that.
21. TIFFANY CHUNG and prom. I miss you girl. The doritos, the arizonas, handball, the puzzles, everything. Lol and even the same birthday!
22. Amrish screaming HAYOOOO everyday for no reason.
23. Jonathan's unorganization. (Anyone ever notice all his papers in every class?! Lol we didnt even get that much stuff!!)
24. Stephanie Rubino and her colombianess. Lol including her nose piercing i wanted to yank out.
25. The last group of friends i made at rfk that i miss - Roen (corpus), Stephanie Gonzalez (forever), Liliya (fresh).
26. Mr. Buzzeo and doing the morning wake up call with Steven Melara. (Basically playing the trumpet as loud as you could lol)
27. My first two RFK friends John and Joseph Morales.
28. My transformation of appearance each year at RFK. Damn what a change lol.
29. That music project Ms. Huggins gave us! That was awesome.
30. That life project ms huggins gave us! THAATTT SUCKKEEDDD LMAO.
31. The gym floor being flooded. Lol good times
32. Senior Picnic (it was hot, crowded but we got up to 102 in that volleyball game!!)
33. Creative Writing class with Mr. Weeks. Lol this was where i met Ariel Camarata and her crazy writing.
34. Watching Cathy's hair never being done. LOL
35. Yearbooks. (I still read through it, and it still almost makes me cry)
36. Dancing to Love Is Gone at Prom. Lol that was the jump off.
37. Hugo saying. " Freaky zeaky ballin. Capo Status, Dipset Anthem, Jim Jones." Lol why hugo, why!
38. Calling Alex Thompson "Big A"
39. My juniors! (Who now are seniors), miss u guys, too many of you to name lol.
40. Ap Geography and Ap biology. Lol one word - SLACKIN!!!! =D
41. Free periods. Lol everyone HAS to love free periods.
42. Throwing chocolate cake at Huggins face and than watching her try and chase me throughout her room. (YOU FAILED!)
43. Helping out Henderson with all those damn balloons and carnations.
44. Aldo and his red head. Lol
45. Mike Casas and his voice breaking the whisper sound barrier.
46. David Reyes and chemistry. Too much fun. SPEAR!!! (Also Tiffany and chemistry. Also too much fun)
47. Playing DS at the end of the year with Pomes, Brooks, Tiffany, Christine, and Esther (who never got one -_- lol)
48. Getting Spiderman Dog Tags with my name on it from Huggins! Those were awesome.
49. Manny and his salsa.
50. Never finishing Weeks' board.
51. Mulstay and his evil plots. Lol
52. Ms Byheny and Chia - thanks for a great senior year =D.
53. Getting the Visual Arts award and even screaming out the pronounciation of my last name to Huggins because shes white and has no spanish in her. Lol =P
54. ABC Project. Not bad lol not bad at all
55. Using a smartboard!
56. Gildea and his -5's! Lol i still have that button.
57. Poetry Day and having people come up to me afterwards telling me im a jerk for making them cry. LOL
58. Esther and her whining voice. Lol!
59. Sitting next to Limor in Art class.
60. Sheina and I having convos in French =)
61. Dr. B not giving me a break, EVER! Lol
62. The Pile Up with the baseball team after coming back from losing against Queens Voc. (Greatest Sports Moment)
63. Winning "Most Likely to be Successful" =)
64. Being nominated for prom king =D (Shout out to prom king and queen Mike Casas and Stephanie Rubino. I voted for both of you guys lol)
65. Tripping Huggins for the first time and watching her almost break her face. Lol wow
66. Mr. Lord doing the Brad Pitt face.
67. Kicking out the Middle School!!! Lol Mwuahaha
68. Playing basketball with Sebastian.
69. Dodgeball in Gym.
70. Class of 2008!!!!

I'll keep adding to this list but this is good for now. If i keep going my hands are gonna fall off. Lol

P.S - Class of 2008 I love you all and miss every single one of you, teachers and classmates. =D



  1. so we were posting on our pages at around the same time! i sense some 610.. or some UNITY! =D i misss youuuuuu soo muchhh! you already know. some of those memories made me laugh! even though most of them weren't MY memories, i know what you mean! we have to get together and make more memories man!

  2. I feel so loved. And you should too because you are loved, immensely!

  3. aw thanks for calling me a fashion statement lmao.

    i miss rfk!

  4. eventually i would get tired, like late at night, but its when I have to sleep cause i have class or something.. i cant sleep