Friday, January 15, 2010

Current Mood

Shouts of agony reminisce these walls,
Tight suffocating air filling these halls,
Save me from my untimely occasion,
Whisper the answer to my equation,
This burning sensation trapped underneath,
This jaw-clenching feeling grinding my teeth,
Free me from my burdened reality,
Help me steer from my own fatality
It's hard letting it all go down the drain,
Difficult to lose, difficult to gain,
To watch and feel helpless in the background,
Surrounded by darkness, deep underground,
Unspoken words with forgotten meaning,
Collapsed minds strangling the air for breathing,
Unfortunate events come into play,
Two opposing teams detaching everyday,
Sacred memories lost among the past,
The hourglass consumes the minds' broadcast,
Warped inside a black hole of all thats lost,
Treacherous deception has payed the cost,
A plague, corrupting this city on my street,
This game, cheated with passion now I retreat,
Locked in confinement, with no where to go,
The key to my release is only for show,
Receive my message, unfold its purpose,
Uncover its truth, don't scratch the surface,
Hear my voice, understand my emotion,
Learn my motive, now grasp my devotion,
I'll choose the route, and fight for the finish,
Watch me chase for it, come be my witness,
No second place, only the strong survive,
Recharge the defib, shock me to revive,
I desire to walk this road alone,
To be error-free and I've made this known,
I've made this mistake, I can't take it back,
But it will pass, so I take this attack.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Shouts of agony reminisce these walls, tight suffocating air filling these halls, save me from my untimely occasion, whisper the answer to my equation, this burning sensation trapped underneath, this jaw-clenching feeling grinding my teeth, free me from my burdened reality, help me steer from my own fatality.

- J.Cazares

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Never give up on the things you love doing, so here's what I've been keeping up with:
Latest Pictures from yours truly


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Short Verses

;creative passion, the urge to fulfill the sacrifice to art, slit wrists bleeding colors of imagination, walls painted with motivation, standing alone with a mentality striving to achieve, fueled by a static pulse deep within the stream. -J.C

;tormented minds waste my time, fear of eclipse, colliding visions with dreams. Here I stand momentarily please, weight lock my knees, caught and set free. I change the pace of sudden failure and return to my dock, reset the clock, then take a bow for release. -J.C

;define love and it will spit in your face, embrace this tragedy then hit erase, spill out all thoughts than hit restart, imagine a world you couldn't embark, now start, welcome to the show, I'm your guide for this mission now lets go, one step forward than three steps back, I'll change your course of action then slap you off track. -J.C

[I'll probably expand them eventually? haha]


Spilling Thoughts

It's different now, the way I think and feel. The way I view the world and how much I've changed. Change for good I may add. Feelings of confidence, I feel the urge to do more than ever. The world may be busy, and I pay the price of being caught up in it all, but at least I feel in control of what happens next. What happens to me will be my own direction, my own set path. I'm determined to fulfill my own desires, to become the "most successful" that people seem to think of me. I don't like letting others down, so this is motivation. I will help as many as I can along the way, not in spite of the cruelty of this world, but because that's my choice. Fame and fortune can hit rock bottom and I would pay no mind, I'm in it for the smiles. I do what I do because I benefit from watching another person pick themselves up and keep on going. My helping hand is as good as gold, and that's the income I will always be satisfied with.

I won't hesitate to be who I want to be, the hour will come where I will stand and stare, and I will become well aware, that I am who I wanted to be.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tic of Time

I find it amusing, the quickening of the pace, the fast walking businessmen with their fancy little scarves, and the rushing taxis just skimming and accident. 10 years ago I wouldn't pay attention as much, probably because I'd be so locked up in slow motion that things like that just didn't exist. I guess as you age time slips by, and with that there is less and less to love about life. After much thought, and I mean at least a day or two of pondering, I believe there is much more to life than watching time engulf memories right before your eyes. So I write against the clock, inscribe my memories on anything I find to escape the tic of time. I listen and wait, chase my dreams and then fake how much I lost. So while that guy in the suit runs past me and the taxi driver misses my hand I will not be affected by the meaning of it all. We developed time, a man made recording of the sun rise and sun set. We have the power to create it but lost the power to control it. I find it amusing.

Another decade come and gone and still I contain my thoughts, bound to my mind in a final hope. Protected from the hourglass of forgetful actions and immune to the cheating digits. My clock strikes midnight, half the world shuts their lights off; my world begins its day. A true test of control, grasping the option of enjoying life, always living in slow motion. I rather be locked away in a frozen moment than lost and abandoned by that tic of time.