Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Short Verses

;creative passion, the urge to fulfill the sacrifice to art, slit wrists bleeding colors of imagination, walls painted with motivation, standing alone with a mentality striving to achieve, fueled by a static pulse deep within the stream. -J.C

;tormented minds waste my time, fear of eclipse, colliding visions with dreams. Here I stand momentarily please, weight lock my knees, caught and set free. I change the pace of sudden failure and return to my dock, reset the clock, then take a bow for release. -J.C

;define love and it will spit in your face, embrace this tragedy then hit erase, spill out all thoughts than hit restart, imagine a world you couldn't embark, now start, welcome to the show, I'm your guide for this mission now lets go, one step forward than three steps back, I'll change your course of action then slap you off track. -J.C

[I'll probably expand them eventually? haha]


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