Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tic of Time

I find it amusing, the quickening of the pace, the fast walking businessmen with their fancy little scarves, and the rushing taxis just skimming and accident. 10 years ago I wouldn't pay attention as much, probably because I'd be so locked up in slow motion that things like that just didn't exist. I guess as you age time slips by, and with that there is less and less to love about life. After much thought, and I mean at least a day or two of pondering, I believe there is much more to life than watching time engulf memories right before your eyes. So I write against the clock, inscribe my memories on anything I find to escape the tic of time. I listen and wait, chase my dreams and then fake how much I lost. So while that guy in the suit runs past me and the taxi driver misses my hand I will not be affected by the meaning of it all. We developed time, a man made recording of the sun rise and sun set. We have the power to create it but lost the power to control it. I find it amusing.

Another decade come and gone and still I contain my thoughts, bound to my mind in a final hope. Protected from the hourglass of forgetful actions and immune to the cheating digits. My clock strikes midnight, half the world shuts their lights off; my world begins its day. A true test of control, grasping the option of enjoying life, always living in slow motion. I rather be locked away in a frozen moment than lost and abandoned by that tic of time.


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