Friday, August 6, 2010


Its a constant steam of impenetrable thoughts, pouring out the deepest memories I possess. I can see my past, a diary of information I wish not to read. I see my present, a collage of desire with passion I have escaped willingly. My future awaits, a mystery to unravel as I awaken each day unaware that I have taken another step to reaching it. Control, a quality I have struggled with. Unable to fully understand how to use it to my advantage.


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


ladies and gentlemen I am officially motivated to start doing the things. I have been planning to do. No more of this waiting around crap, lets start something while we are still alive. I have two things coming up, and they both have no names yet. The first is a new YouTube channel for my dancing, the other is a YOUTUBE/Blog of artists in NYC composed of my friends and fellow friends of friends. We need to start spreading our talents. Let's go NYC.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

NYC Transit

A shuttle of diversity, seated upon a course of action. A one way trip to a destination well known. People come and sit, and disappear in the noise. The rings drown out the motivation to associate. The urge to be where you are needed is greater than your passion to converse. The time is checked on frequently, an irritating quality of the clock. Some fall in a dream, lost in their own fantasy. Others desire to read the lives of others, to share their stories with the community they love to ignore. The readers collide with the writers. Music is the new sound of the century. Each person on their own vibe. There is something missing in the hour of departure and something lost in the minute of arrival. The world moves faster in transit.

The description of a travel.


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Tech savvy upload. I rant on my phone and it finally gives me a reason, a dedicated blogger app. I'm currently unaware of the world around me and I see everything with electrical impulses. The energy is overwhelming. I feel obligated to release my frustration and comprehend its meaning. I can't find an answer I'm satisfied with. Time is flying by and I sit here in a thought. A meditation for the mind. Like I'm being plugged in to recharge, or in need of batteries. I am unstable. I'm an android after all.


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The descriptive escape, a highlight of ambition, a hollow substance, filled with ammunition. Among the enemies we stay, taunted by their glance, their face their heart, their hair their stance, we charred out the outline, burnt it to an ash, piled it to the sky, then took out all the trash. The treachery awaits, time will tell if we partake, submissive allies along it's side, the hour will reveal what it can make. Our strength undone, our faith dismembered, torn to pieces with no mercy, the pain to be remembered. The tears collected, a memory for all, a certificate for inscription, of how the superior could fall.


Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sometimes my mind does it's own thing, thinks its own thoughts, plays its own games. I feel emotions I shouldn't feel. I grow traits that aren't supposed to be there. I collapse conclusions on top of one another and feel like there's a need to find the truth. I feel overpowered by my own control. I feel like there's more to the surface. I latch on to suspicion and find where it will lead me. I travel the landscape and search for clues. The more I gather the more it drives me past sanity. I close my eyes and wish it to go away and awaken to the same routine. It is a virus in my blood. A carrier of doubt. I have flooded my safety and I should take the blame.



A single line, to express the rest. A finishing touch, placed in the front row. A twisted fate locked in motion. The spilling of thoughts. A collapse of mentality, an escape from sanity, to become what one pleases to be. It is a choice, a gift to pursue a golden goal. Upon this chaos, lies a truth waiting to be told a story awaiting its time, to be heard by the ears of this world. To be judged not by quality, but by fulfillment. To be able to write what the mind cannot explain, to jot down the lines that don't make sense. Word after word a rant of expression. An introduction to a new realm, an awakening of a new spell. Take this challenge head on, I'm a writer, a thinker, a modern day expressionist.