Monday, August 31, 2009

Xpress (Poetic Update)

Each second of expired time vanishes into a distant memory.
A thousand memories for that one person,
which vanishes with another timely expiration.
Time is the essential villain of forgetful actions,
tied underneath the legs,
gripping with a hard grasp.
It's never easy to escape a thought,
never easy to break free from thAt grasp.
Forever bound to the ocean floor,
yearning for the morning light.
Darkness haunts the memory lane,
with the tic of time on the outskirts of the mind.
The clock strikes each hour,
and each hour our transition becomes less and less obvious.
Where did the memories vanish?
The solemn hope thAt began so long ago is now just a silent trace,
forgotten everyday, gone in every way.
Time is not on the side of the one who is forgotten.
The one who lies on the floorbed of time,
chained to the errors and the faults that they never had.
The good used to perish young,
now they perish through time.
Never easy to perish,
never easy to be bound helplessly on a stopwatch of never ending time,
the course of which they can never fully control.
That is the expression of a single thought,
and this is the expression of a single memory.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Business Website

I've been spending most of my hours trying to make a website for URBAN DEZINE. It's a lot harder than I thought, mainly because I'm not so familiar with web designing. Support me bloggers =D...I know I can take this somewhere new.

I'm actually getting a lot of comments and requests for designs so I'm looking forward to this creative era of mine. Let's see how far this will go.

This website is :
Check it out! And give me some feedback =D



The world of expression never found my street. I never held it in my arms, or kissed it goodnight. Expression may be the kryptonite to my very existence yet it lurks in the shadows waiting for my acceptance. I don't know what holds me back from entering this phase. It could be self doubt, or maybe I just lack the necessities. I think my childhood had a lot to do with my bottled up emotions. With no father to sit on or throw my burderns upon. Mom was working and gave me the love I needed for both parents. I had a sister but at that age you don't get along with one another. My only real father figure (which would be my grandfather) didn't speak english that well and I was losing my spanish. Friends didn't care about problems and girls made me too nervous. With everything attacking me at once I found myself learning to maintain my emotions alone. No late night phone calls with my best friend, or a pat on the back from a friend. I would've liked that so many times, but it never happened. I face it everyday, the idea that I can't speak my mind with the force that I want to. I'm always hiding behind my own face, deep under my skin.

Expression, I wish I knew what it meant. To me its just a phase I can't step into.

-Julian Cazares

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mass Production

I'm slowly jumping back into the blogging lifestyle. Now that school is creeping back into my schedule I will find myself on the computer more, and thus, blogging. August 28th is a big day for me. I start my semester fresh, new friends new classes, and most importantly to me: the opening of my little business. I like to consider myself to be a creative person, however, I don't find boasting about your life to be something "worth" time. I keep my work on low radar because if everyone had it, it wouldn't be distinct. Now that I've expanded my creativity to a certain extent I believe it is time to come out of that force barrier and start producing my designs and printing my photographs. The company is called DeZine, simple and to the point. I do intend to hire some people who I believe to be the best at what they do, but for now I'm alone. DeZine is a Fashion/Photography company that specializes in sneaker designs, body art, tattoo designs, and photo shoots. I'm currently working on a website but for now I'll be creating a new blog site for my products and new creations ONLY. I'll keep it open for criticism because that's what motivates me =D.

For the time being, if you would like to request any of the aforementioned, you can contact me via email: or by texting my cell: 718-924-3025.

Motto: If you have the vision, I'll show it to the world.

Julian Cazares
Urban DeZine