Monday, August 31, 2009

Xpress (Poetic Update)

Each second of expired time vanishes into a distant memory.
A thousand memories for that one person,
which vanishes with another timely expiration.
Time is the essential villain of forgetful actions,
tied underneath the legs,
gripping with a hard grasp.
It's never easy to escape a thought,
never easy to break free from thAt grasp.
Forever bound to the ocean floor,
yearning for the morning light.
Darkness haunts the memory lane,
with the tic of time on the outskirts of the mind.
The clock strikes each hour,
and each hour our transition becomes less and less obvious.
Where did the memories vanish?
The solemn hope thAt began so long ago is now just a silent trace,
forgotten everyday, gone in every way.
Time is not on the side of the one who is forgotten.
The one who lies on the floorbed of time,
chained to the errors and the faults that they never had.
The good used to perish young,
now they perish through time.
Never easy to perish,
never easy to be bound helplessly on a stopwatch of never ending time,
the course of which they can never fully control.
That is the expression of a single thought,
and this is the expression of a single memory.

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