Thursday, September 3, 2009


The option of my succession,
Acknowledged through everyday life,
The sight, the smell, the taste,
Obtained through experience,
I can feel the passion burning through my chest,
I can hear the voice of my own victory,
This victory over my own corrupted decisions,
The one's that left me crippled in my senses,
This great option before me,
With long hair and a deep glowing smile,
A pair of eyes to stare away figuritive nightmares,
A healing glance that has won me over.
I can no longer accept that there is an escaping route,
No bid farewell to a sensational emotion,
It could be exactly what I crave,
The fulfillment of my desires,
The fuel to burn a hole right through my expressions,
I scribble away thoughts of a chance I imagine,
A dedicated submission into a single opposition,
A surrender of my love to a single option,
Daydreams are my tool for reinactment,
Another chance to relive the great moments I experience,
Just a fool chasing the sun,
To end up following the moon,
To feel the warmth of a smile in the morning,
And the possible cold chill throughout the night,
The sky is the danger I must face,
To accept what is before me or to turn fast,
To run through the morning,
Or hide under a star filled night sky,
The stars that peer down at men and judge,
Calling out what chances we have,
Persuading our chances even if they are to fail,
In this instance I'll reside in the morning,
And take my chances at night,
I'll take this option before me,
I'll seek an untangled emotion,
Rooted to the ground for both day and night,
I'll take my chances.-


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  1. Ight the other half of P.I.C is back on the blogging :) how's the website going partner?