Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spilling Thoughts

It's different now, the way I think and feel. The way I view the world and how much I've changed. Change for good I may add. Feelings of confidence, I feel the urge to do more than ever. The world may be busy, and I pay the price of being caught up in it all, but at least I feel in control of what happens next. What happens to me will be my own direction, my own set path. I'm determined to fulfill my own desires, to become the "most successful" that people seem to think of me. I don't like letting others down, so this is motivation. I will help as many as I can along the way, not in spite of the cruelty of this world, but because that's my choice. Fame and fortune can hit rock bottom and I would pay no mind, I'm in it for the smiles. I do what I do because I benefit from watching another person pick themselves up and keep on going. My helping hand is as good as gold, and that's the income I will always be satisfied with.

I won't hesitate to be who I want to be, the hour will come where I will stand and stare, and I will become well aware, that I am who I wanted to be.


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