Monday, January 26, 2009

The "Other" Concept

I'm in love with my new classes, especially my english one. I know I'm going to have a good time because I finally have an english teacher who I can actually relate material to. She's young with a pretty face and soft voice, short blonde hair and a very nice modern style but her physical self isn't what stands out, it's what she has to say. Today was the intro to the class, just hand out a syllabus and everyone sits and looks around at the new faces to see who looks "good." My eyes didn't wander like the rest, I wanted to hear what this class had to offer.

My professor has come up with a theme for this semester. Everything she will be teaching will be based on the idea of the "other" concept. Basically, everything that we read we can connect to another person, HOW is the question and that is what we will be analyzing. I love this theme. This is like creative writing with a twist. I thought about the theme and immediately began writing lines in my head about the "other" and how we can connect. I began to think of Unity. About the 6 degree of separation. So many thoughts ran in my head and despite the noise of the classroom I saw the future of my semester in a glowing light.

Heres a quick poem I wrote after hearing about this whole "other" concept:

I walk through the open fields of the world. Through the complex streets surrounded by the diverse faces. Each person displaying their own genetic code. Male and female alike walking side by side while I stand and look up in the sky. I look back on the horizon and see the unity within the city line. How one building resembles another in structure, connected to how one's motives can be similar to another. One child can cry the same as another but no fingertip could ever be the same. The senses we possess group us in common but how well we use them separates us forever. How Einstein was able to develop incredible mathematical concepts only for psychologists to find out years later he had a bigger brain. We are connected through innovation. Different ideas of life brought together by one power of living. I walk through the open fields of the world, and though I see a different face at every corner I feel the lines that tie us together.



  1. oooo i wish i went to your class ! i really enjoyed reading the poem,"Different ideas of life brought together by one power of living. " is my favorite line. besides the last one. i love this !!

  2. WOAH WOAH WOAH...What do you mean you FINALLY have an English teacher who you can relate material to???

  3. lol i meant in COLLEGE! =D

    also! you never did poetry in english, however, that Vietnamese book you gave was CRAZY! what was it called I want to read it again