Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poetry Update

This rainy weather plus a train ride to work helped motivate me to write my newest poem. Enjoy =D

3 Years later and its just a dream,
No more you and no image of me.
Guess i couldve done more,
Couldve dug deeper to the core,
But 3 years later means no turning back,
This route has been taken off track,
The sky used to be the limit for us all,
But the ground becomes reality after the sky falls.
Just one chance was the key to my chest,
Unlocking my heart and putting it to rest,
Letting me breathe helping me live,
But here i am 3 years later with nothing to give.
I had this vision of two people on top,
The real world told me to stop.
Theres no room in this place for a fantasy life,
No dedication or trust between husband and wife,
No smiles between two people in their best days,
When everything seemed perfect, those good ol days.
Theres no more time for happy faces,
Too many busy people at too many places,
No more time spent finding your other half,
That complicated process has surpassed the difficulty of math,
Love lost its meaning a long time ago,
And 3 years later im proof that we all have to let it go.


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