Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blast from the Past

I was recently talking to Jonathan about a poem we did together in my creative writing class. I forgot most of the poem but while I was on the computer last night I found the damn thing. LOL So I thought I'd bring it back, which reminds me I want to post up our graduation poem too. (Jonathan if you have a copy let me know lol because mine is with Mr. Lord. P.S Dont check your wallet its not in there)

Perfect Solution

Its quiet, its calm,
Get warped in words for a minute,
Jot down some notes,
What is being said you don't want to miss it,
The corrupt feelings have takin over within,
There's nothing else to destroy, these feelings are finally coming
Now there's no way to stop me from speaking my mind,
So continue to underestimate me, and continue to doubt.
I mean every word,
I mean every line,
Put yourself in my pain,
Because this time is mine.
No more bringing me down,
You can't hurt me anymore,
This cruel game has been unplugged,
And I've brought it down to the core.
I'm taking your sunshine to the shore,
And drowning your hopes of keeping me to adore,
Realize I'm human, I'm not perfect,
However, I'm not your play thing, and I'm not your toy,
I'm not a victim and I'm not a criminal,
And I'm not nothing to this world, so stop treating me like a lil
Following you like Mona Lisa's eyes,
You will feel nothing but regret,
It will implant itself in your mind,
So that every second you can't forget.
Strong within, you failed in breaking me down,
You failed in bringing me to my knees,
I'm still standing in this world,
Still living, so just stop please.
Your embarrassing yourself,
You think your better than me,
But your nothing but talk,
And I'm the only one smart enough to see.
You wasted my time,
You wasted my breath,
Tried to make believe,
Without you it would be life or death,
But look at me now,
Do you see anything wrong?
Do you see a distraught kid?
Does this sound like a sad song?
I realized the obvious,
I opened myself to what is true.
And now I know my life is great.
Because there is no longer you.


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