Thursday, April 30, 2009

Social Discomfort

The first thing anyone should know about me is this, I love engaging myself in social interaction and it takes a great deal of effort to upset me. I can carry a convo for a long period of time even if the subject has no relevance to anything important. (Than again which convo actually has a good purpose? Lol) Not a lot of things make me angry but if a person who I associate myself with exerts some of the characteristics I do not like, I may be irritated with them. This is what I call social discomfort - dealing with individuals who have made a negative mark on you.
Recently, I've noticed I have become socially irritated with some individuals who I have associated with. I don't like being in this state of "social discomfort" however, I don't see another option for me to take. I have noticed that some of these people have fake personalities, bad characteristics, and even annoying communication skills. For example, continuous gossip and overly dramatic story telling. I'm all up for the latest scoop on these drama filled lives, but not every second I hang out with you. Even gossiping around me gets on my nerves. I understand its a social skill to gossip but is it really so necessary to do it so often? I'm tired of hearing these stories of people I will never see and not even my ipod can drown out these voices. The worst part is when the other person actually thinks people want to hear these things. I'm not a mean person, but if you don't see any light on my face when engaged in a conversation that probably means I don't want to have it. Also, overly detailed dramatic stories. I don't need to get into that because I'm sure you can figure it out. Another major negative aspect I cannot put up with is conversations that deal with racism. If I hear any harsh remark to any race I will either tell you to your face that you need to stop or I will quietly zone out and ignore the next words out of your mouth. I can't believe I still hear racist remarks and it amazes me how people are okay with this kind of mentality. For those people here's a quick tip on how to grow up: Look around and notice you aren't the superior race in this country or the next. The superior race is mankind, get with the program.
On a socially positive note, I've met some new people at my school that I believe can give me the connection I have yet to make at college. My first semester was just that beginning experience but I don't think I've met friends who are like me in any way. I need some creative friends who are fun to be around, can share my humor, and actually live life. I believe I am finding these people now, better late than never in this semester.


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  1. I had the same problem at my school. lol All these blonde, preppy, brand-loving, beach girls were so fake. I couldn't even tell them apart. But towards the end of my first year, I also started meeting cooler people. I agree - better late than never. lol