Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bye, Bye, Bye

I was cleaning my basement today and I did what most people do when they clean: played music. I went into itunes and pressed shuffle and went to work. Sometime later I hear some NSYNC songs and I said ": Daammmnnnnnnnnnn throwback ". Lol. It was pretty funny hearing the songs my sister would play over and over. I heard them more than my own mothers words. For real. Well anyways I was listening to their tracks and not for nothing, they got some pretty kickass beats. When I perform in the summer I'm including these songs in a collabo. Lol people will understand.

Some of my favorite dancing songs and songs you'll probably see me perform to are:

Shawty Get Loose
Scream (MJ)
I Feel Free (Ron Brownz)
TTB'z Anthem

Those are the hot ones at the moment. I know I'm missing a few but its 4 am, gimme a break. Gotta sleep soon, work in the morning!

CSTAR signed off.


P.S: I am in need of a Smiley A1 bacon egg and cheese with ketchup, side of Arizona.

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