Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Entry

It's about time right? lol well I'm back on the blog boat and I have much to say, or maybe too little to say? We shall see. First of all lets give it up for Quest Crew for winning season 3 of ABDC. I'm good at picking out these crews, every crew I voted for so far has won ABDC. lol HOLLA!'s exciting..I may just have to retire my jabbawockee mask and start doing some crazy flips like Quest. They did a good job, definitely shocked me with what they can do.

[School.] My school went on a walkout today. That's basically getting up outta class, walking outside and protesting. The protest was about our tuition next year. It's going up by $600 and everyone is pissed off. Hell, I'm pissed off too, but I didn't participate. I just took pictures of these kids who actually care about their education. It was amazing to see how many people were there, it kind of made me feel like some MLK protest about segregation. This was on a much smaller scale, however, it still had people fighting for what they believe in.

[Development.] I'm starting to master the things I have the biggest interest in. Photography for instance. I am starting to get better at it and I'm almost ready to start printing and selling them. I'm nervous about what some of these gallery owners will say but at the same time I'm kind of excited because I just have faith in my own work. My art has picked up as well. I thought I lost it but recently I started doodling and I actually got better. So now I'm mixing both art and photography and I am trying to get as creative as possible. I'm planning on creating a book. The book will have photography, art, and poetry. It's going to take some time but I think the finished product will be worth it. I'm starting on it soon.

[Females.] Alright, so I've told you guys before that I like this girl. I still do, but now I'm being a little more patient with how I'm approaching it. We shall see how this goes but right now I know as much as you do about where I'm headed with this one. I kind of like how I don't know because I don't have to worry about it as much as if I did. Suspense is good sometimes.

[Jam Young.] Just a shout out to Jam Young. No particular reason. LOL that's just how we roll. I think we gonna have a combined blogging site soon. His rap videos, poetry etc mixed with my poetry and photography. Our own personal JAC-JAM fan site. Not bad right? We work hard for the things we do.

[TIFFANY CHUNG.] This is a shout out because I honestly think Tiffany is one of the greatest people I know. I say this because even with being in different schools I've still found ways to think about her even when I'm not trying. She is just that cool. =D

[Photo Shoots.] I Forgot to mention to my bloggers, if anyone is interested in obtaining a photo shoot don't be hesitant to ask =D. I'd be glad to take pictures of you no matter who you are. Just ask and I'll set up a date.

[Conclusion.] Okay that's about it for this entry. I tried to keep it quick and to the point with some information. The other stuff isn't really important. Ummmm to wrap it up, I'm doing good, healthy, happy, and really yearning for the summer =D. LATAZ.



  1. I have to agree Quest Crew definitely killed it. I'm not gonna lie, I was rooting for Beat Freaks, but last week just put the cherry on top for Quest Crew. Lalal.

    If you did end up creating a book, I would definitely be one to buy it. I like it when you write, I love you're drawings, and I'm just starting to see some of your pictures, but I'm a sucker for those pictures that make you think. Gah I wish I was taking Photography class again.

    Mmm..and on the photoshoot thing....I've definitely been meaning hit you up about that...just haven't known exactly what I wanted to say. It comes in hadn with feeling blah lately.

    I am yearning for summer right there with you buddyy..and I'm glad you're good, healthy, and happy. Woo. I'm done commenting. Tahahah.

  2. Yo, cool ass entry. I dig the shout out: WE GO HARD!!!

    Just keep the blogging up. 30 more entries to go for a 100... watch out lol.


  3. I personally believe it should be JAC-JAM-Cstar....Any opinions?