Sunday, March 22, 2009

POST #50 - FOR P.I.C

This goes out to the new 19 year kid on the block JAM YOUNG! Congratulations man, another year taken and I know you won't stop here. You got me on this blogging thing and I already planned on saving this 50 for you. Lol by the way my message actually fit with the song! lol it was hot man good job. Iight soooo I was going to tell you, when you get all famous, don't forget about me. lol. And when you are on tour i better get that back stage pass lol, no joke. I'll fight someone for it. Well neways man I hope you have a great day, I'll give you a call (another one lol.) Anyways, we gotta get a soko you already know the deallll. And when you turn 21 we taking over the world. lol true story man. College won't separate us and after that nothing can. P.I.C for life kid, the brother i should've had but it's all good cuz I met you along the way. I probably would've regretted a lot of my hs experience if I didn't befriend you, and it was one of the best things I ever did. Keep doing what you do man, and dont let anything stop you..I know you're better than that anyone.

iight man have a good 1. Love you kid. PEACE
p.s. = did carrie say happy birthday you punk? lol i wasnt sure but it sure as hell sounded like her.



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  1. lol, yes Carrie or whatever you want to call her, (Huggins)did leave the happy birthday punk. Good catch on that shit. AND O.D. thank you for the shout out, i appreciate saving the big 5-0 for me. It was amazing. For real. That definitely was one of the things that made my day.

    21-we taking over the world, IF we haven't already. lol

    Next is you and tiff though. Let me know about friday or another time we can soko it up. WE GOT TO CELEBRATE. So let me know.

    And last two things:
    I want to go to R.F.K Soon
    ALSO, i told you i'd feature on a song. =)

    P.S. didn't make a hundred entries though.. grrr