Wednesday, March 11, 2009


[Intro.] So a few entries ago I stated that I would possibly create a book. I would like you to know that I have in fact started on the creation of this book. It will consist of new and old poetry, a short story, and possibly photography and art from my personal creativity. =D. My friend Michelle said I should definitely do it and she even said she'd buy it so I got one customer so far =). I'm not going to be posting these new poems up because that would defeat the purpose of creating the book -_-, however I will throw in some sneak peeks here and there because I can write all day.

[Exams.] I have two exams tomorrow, one for Political Science, the other for Psychology. I'm not worried about psychology, however, Political Science is going to keep me up all night. I got my red bull in one hand and my textbook in the other. Gotta stay up all night to study for this one. My professor said we can drop one test exam but I figured pass this one with flying colors and then not worry about the next one. Hopefully I get this down packed, I've been told by my past teachers (Gildea, Henderson, Blickstein...etc) that I just have raw talent and studying is a joke. Lol I guess thats a good thing? I recently found out that even though my mom is smart, it was my biological father who was the nerd in school. lol..i guess he left me something useful =). I'm starting to think of another career for my future. I really want to be a guidance counselor. I will probably do that, but now I'm starting to become interested in teaching English. I just want my own classroom and students, to listen to the bright minds of our time express their writing. Maybe I can teach a creative writing class, that would definitely be awesome. Personally I was hoping to create a whole new course. It could be an english elective. It will mix psychology and english. Most high school kids have problems, we all do. So this english class will be personal and it will be a free write of daily emotions. Kind of like the class in Freedom Writers. I would definitely teach this kind of class for the rest of my life.

[Weather.] It is getting gorgeous outside, regardless of the rain. I am loving it like the cheesy McDonald's commercials =D.

[Females.] The most confusing bunch of organisms on this planet. Lol, gotta love em though. I think I got the cold shoulder? lol it's that curse that has always been with me. But hey, a random girl told me I was cute today so it's not like I'm completely mad at myself. Also, I know I'm not the only one but isn't it funny when you get those girls on the bus who whisper about you and make it obvious and then when they get off (which is usually always first) they wave from the window. LOL. Those girls make me laugh, mainly because 1. They are usually underage and just living life and 2. They aren't afraid to do anything. It's just funny.

[Different.] So this new blogging form that I have created is pretty cool huh? lol it's "different." I'm sure some time in the future people will do this, it keeps things organized and by doing this you can keep track of the changing of the subjects. I think it's pretty smart if you ask me. I stole it from Shakespeare, the way he would describe the changing of the scene or the entrance of the characters would always be accompanied by [****]. Love it. Inspiration is key to originality*

[Conclusion.] I miss a lot of my high school friends. And I mean a lot. I also miss Carrie Huggins. Mainly because I have a lot on my mind and I feel like she would know what to say. She should definitely consider counseling, because I am still grateful for the things she has told me. So that's it, shout outs to Audrey for her wonderful Blog =D, to JAM for doing his thing and working hard, to Tiffany because I love her, to Michelle because I look up to her, to David Reyes because he has my RE5 HOLLA!, to John because it's been 9 years and he has remained a loyal friend, and to the class of 2008.

[P.S.] I need topics for my book, if anyone has any suggestions throw them at me and I'll write at the bottom of the poem whom I received the topic from =D.



  1. i think im failing physics all over again.
    im loving the warmer weather too, summer babies!
    im tired.
    i love you too!
    i have class till 830.

  2. youre verification word was:

    thyllyx. how can we use that in a sentence? go for it julian!

  3. i can go on all day, but i wont. lmfao. sorry for semi spamming your comments. STRINGL!

  4. Topic: Personification of your favorite tangiable object = always cool to do
    2)Free write poem. Whatever comes to your mind SPILL IT OUT.
    3)Good looks on the shout out, i definitely see you working hard too. Maybe even more than me! and check my shout out box on my page homie.
    4)I want to go to R.F.K sometime this month, so get together?
    5)You get my facebook message?
    6)I love the structure. Almost stole it for my 2nd to last entry.
    Oh and PHOTOSHOOT!!!
    When i get these M's, i'll be loving it (metaphor)