Monday, March 23, 2009

iBrush Off

I hate people sometimes.
True Story.
It's the ungrateful ones that get on my nerves.
The ones who only look out for themselves.
The ones who don't care about anything.
They just live for a better cause.
Even if it means ignoring the faithful bystanders.
They won't say thanks.
They won't say please.
They just expect and seek more and more pleasure.
Egocentric minds are supposed to go away at a certain point.
I guess Piagets' cognitive analysis was wrong.
Some people never go beyond their own minds.
Some just always want to act reckless.
They want attention.
And of course they will never admit this.
W.E though,
people like me learn to ignore people like that,
brush them aside like unwanted residue,
and continue our lives.



  1. Damn, P.I.C you went in...

  2. i agree.


    Used in a sentence:

    "Damn, did you see that chick?!... How boon..."
    lmfaoooo -.-