Monday, March 9, 2009

Poetry Update - March

"I see you in my nightmares"
Lurking from the unknown,
Underneath the depths of darkness,
You've shamed the idea of love.
You slip by like the rain outside these walls,
Blood red and spilling on the floors,
My ears can't stand these sounds.
The drops from the ceiling becoming my enemy,
Tormenting me with the reality of this night,
Of how I can't sleep those eight hours,
How my life must revolve around this,
Of the thick hatred evolving on my lungs,
Battling with my own immunity,
Taking away my very defense for survival.
This is the burden sitting on my shoulders,
The heavy weight of pain breaking my knees,
Shattering my movement at every step,
Moving forward seems impossible.
The fuel that feeds my burning fire gone,
Just an empty canister of what is and what was.
I'm stuck in this twilight zone,
Raging a war of what is real and fake,
I can see the smiles of those outside,
How everyone is just happy and content.
Behind these painted masks is truth,
Of how they are stuck in the same room as me,
With the pain surrounding each thought,
Every blink ending with a falling tear,
A smirk, a smile, a laugh lost in time,
This is another tragedy surfacing the earth.
This black room becomes another home,
The red splashes on the walls glow,
They become the nightlight of my life,
A constant reminder that I reside here,
A permanent resident of sleepless life,
So I no longer see anyone in a nightmare,
Rather they will be splattered on these walls,
Another reminder for myself,
So I'll never forget the real vs. fake.


[Motive - Rainy day]

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