Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Motive for Action

[Intro.] In my lifetime four people have given me the motivation to take my art and strive for more. It might have been a mix of the comments, or the continuous compliments that made me feel that much better about myself. Regardless of the reason I have become thankful for having these people in my life. I wouldn't imagine myself a washed up artist who lost his talent, instead I am prospering in my time and actually moving forward. Recently, I added a fifth person to the original list. The fantastic four were Jonathan Martinez, Tiffany Chung, Esther Yang, and Michelle Rosado. Number five is Audrey Ong.

[Stop.Explain.] The reasons for this admission to these few people is because I never really took into account how she viewed my art. Today she text me saying she was the art editor of her magazines class and she wants to use me for an interview/article. It's impressive what kind of fashion junkey (good way) this girl has become. I remember her fashion club was pretty cool even though I didnt attend all sessions. Anyways I always considered Audrey to be on the top of the artist chain. She is just determined to come face to face with the goddess of art and just take her throne. Seriously. Well anyway, I feel somewhat honored that she wants to use me for her magazine. I get to submit artwork, photography, an interview, and some poetry. Tuesday I'm meeting her at the 5 points building to take some profile pics next to grafitti. I'm looking forward to it. So, I thank you Audrey, 1. For noticing my own personal artistic abilities, and 2. Because you've motivated me to push my art even further.

[Resident Evil 5.] Hottest game I've played in a really long time. I beat it on all 4 difficulty levels and I got all the weapons. I pretty much beasted on the game, still not done though. Everyone in the world needs to play this game, seriously.

[Weather.] Today, I almost wanted to cry because of how nice it was outside. Lol, like it was amazing. I took my jacket off outside! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WHAT FEELS LIKE YEARS! HOLLLLLAAAAAA!! Well yeah, I hope it keeps getting warmer and warmer.

[Conclusion.] I'm ready for some photo shop, free writing, and then sleep. PEACE. Thanks again to those five who keep my art going =D.



  1. dude.. audrey is like.. GOING places man! =\ im so jealous! Audrey, if you're reading my comment, I'm jealous =) I'll definitely subscribe to your fashion mags =D

    Oh, Julian, hey ! =) If I had a mag, website, or book.. I would so feature you on it too =) maybe i should create one... hmmmmmmm...