Saturday, March 14, 2009


[Intro.] I got resident evil 5 and that game is just the hottest game I have played in a long time. I haven't beat it yet but I am satisfied to the max with what it has offered so far. It has interactive environments, smart AI,fun bosses, amazing graphics, awesome cut scenes...need I say more?

[Currently.] At the doctors (eye) waiting for my appointment. I need a new prescription and I'm getting another pair of glasses, (old Julian?) Lol. I am in desperate need of some new contact. I'm sitting in a typical doctors office, waiting for my name to be called and watching what different people do while they wait. My primary focus is on this young brother and sister who keep reminding me of my sister and I. They are about 4-5 and are talking about the "proper way to fight." Lol. They look like they are having fun, which is the least I can say for the dude sleeping next to me. Lol

[Catherine Medina.] I saw her yesterday, lol random? She works at gamestop now! That's pretty funny. Now I have 4 friends who work at gamestop. Definitely getting HOOK-UPS. I love you cathy =).

[D-reyes] Hooked me up again yesterday with a game. Thanks man, appreciate the good samaritan act =D.

[Females.] There is a girl who I keep making eye contact with who looks like she should get outta the doctors office and just join a modeling agency. Lol. Seriously, she is beautiful. Maybe if I wait long enough ill go over there and give her a personal photo shoot.

[Some Time Later...] I got out of the doctors. Ordered new contacts and new glasses lol. I'm saved! Going to go eat some really good food, go home, play resident evil 5, and then pass out. =) latazzz



  1. haha i was just debating yesterday about getting some really cool eyeglasses lol

  2. have you seen my glasses? i dont think you have.. they're old to me.. but new to you. i've had them since september lol.