Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poetry Update III - 3.22.09

The silent whispers of the night,
Follow me all the home,
Haunting my moral standards,
Reminding me of horrid thoughts.
Awakening the challenge of life,
To face who I have become,
To comprehend my own actions,
And accept that I am the only one.
No sleep for my eyes tonight,
I reside in eternal insomnia,
To be able to hear the walls speak,
So that in the end my ears bleed.
The fog climbs through the window,
Preparing to consume my mind,
To patronize my heart,
And leave me echoing more painful thoughts.
I scream for morning to come,
The sun becoming my savior,
Chasing away these images,
Hiding them in darkness.
The night has stood up against me,
Making sure I always fall victim,
To collapse within my own visions,
To become fragile and exposed.
And there is no defense for things you can't see,
Just more screams for evening to leave.


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