Thursday, February 26, 2009

Questions and Answers =D

Replace my answers with yours and send it back.

1. Who is the first person you think of when someone asks you who you like?

Lol do I have a lifeline for this question? =D

2. Do you drool/talk/etc. in your sleep?

I've been told that I move a lot lol

3. What word do you say the most when your mad?


4. Are you happy?

Yeah yo but things could always be better =D

5. Have you ever liked someone who all your friends hate?

Lol yeah..what an adventure that was

6. If you were born the opposite gender, what would your parents name you?

Juliana? lol

7. Are you tan?

I'm not dark but not white. lol

8. Hair color?

It depends on the season. lol..brown.

9. Who did you last go to the beach with? i dont remember. Maegan, Jacob, Frann?

10. Confused about anything?

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. lol

11. Do you have any pets?

Yeah, a cat. Tarzan =D. all black. holla.

12. Do you want to get married?

Yessirrr =D

13. Do your initials spell anything?

J.A.C : motto - JAC of all Trades. lol get it? also J.A.C - just act crazy. =P

14. Last person you fought?

my sister. -_-

15. What's one thing you actually remember about kindergarten?


16. How do you calm down when your extremely angry?

I walk, vent off, and then finish off with either throwing something or punching something.

17. Where do you want to go vacation-wise?

Italy, Puerto Rico, D.R., Bahamas, Australia...ANYWHERE! lol

18. What are your plans for tonight?

LOL try and sleep >.<

19. Do you prefer to call or text someone?

I like both. Texting is fun but sometimes I get impatient. lol

20. What are you listening to?

Party People - Nelly

21. Are you friends with any of your ex's

Yeah all of them. I try not to have any grudges you know? lol

23. Last movie you watched?

Tropic THunder

24. What are you doing today?

Working in a couple hours.

25. Are you excited for anything?

Yeah! To finish this damn survey haha

26. What are you doing currently?

I'm typing. lol...and the question should be what are you currently doing?

27. Have you ever been given roses?\

I actually got roses! lol..and then they died.

28. Do you have names picked out for your children?

Boy - Ezekiel knicknamed: "Zeek"
Girl - Hunter

29. How many times have you honestly fallen in love?


30. Have you ever had your heart broken?

5 times. lol yeah i keep count.

31. What's your favorite color?

Purple, Green, and Red.

31. Where do you shop the most?

h&M and Pac Sun.

32. Do you believe in love at first sight?

In movies. lol...other than that there is no such thing.

33. Would you take any of your exes back?

hahahaha..thats a funny one. no there is a reason they became an "ex."

34. At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?

i had my first crush in kindergarden =D.

35. Are you happy with your love situation?

Lol sike.

36. Do you know someone who likes you?


37. When did you last talk to an ex?

hmmm...abouttt...2 weeks ago.

38. Who is the last person you hugged?

MY CAT! like 2 seconds ago. lol

39. Do you cry over girls/boys?

dependsssss on the situation.

40. Describe yourself in one word?


I'm into you,
And girl,
No one else would do,
'cause with every kiss and every hug,
You make me fall in love,
And now I know I can't be the only one,
I bet there heart's all over the world tonight,
With the love of their life who feels..
What I feel when I'm

With you [x5]
With you [x5]

[Verse 2]
Oh girl!
I don't want nobody else,
Without you, there's no one left then,
You're like Jordans on Saturday,
I gotta have you and I cannot wait now,
Hey! Little shawty,
Say you care for me,
You know I care for you,
You know...that I'll be true,
You know that I won't lie,
You know that I would try,
To be your everything..yeah..

'cause if I got you,
I don't need money,
I don't need cars,
Girl, you're my all.

42. Do you still have something your ex gave you?

Yeah...the scar is still there...

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  1. what if Hunter goes to Hunter? lol, just curious. my question is, are you ready? are you ready for next fallllllll?