Monday, February 16, 2009


I have this anger toward guys who take the good girls for granted. Like what the hell do they not understand that if you have a girl who is just perfect why the hell would you be so selfish and let that go? I can never understand this dilemma. Like it makes us look bad. I've helped a lot of people go through this problem but never have I actually felt the urge to walk up to a stranger, someone i didnt even know, and just punch them straight in the face for being stupid. I guess its because i like her that i feel this way..or maybe its just Im so sick of these idiots that surround us. All i know is that these things happen every day and Im tired of seeing the sweet girls in pain, ESPECIALLY girls like her. I may not have known her for long but if I feel this way so early its for a reason. Like i really want to just hurt the kid who did this to her. She really doesnt show it but I know shes hurt. I want to hug her and tell her everythings okay but I just cant do that yet. Right now what matters most to me is that shes happy and she doesnt have that dumbass in her mind. I'm not gonna stoop down his level and say something to his pathetic self, thats just not my style, however, i swear to anything I love if i find out he does something to her to make her feel worse I will not waste another second. I'm sure every guy will back me up when I say no girl should ever be hurt, and when they are it's our job to be there for them. I've always been that person to help people, and I'm not gonna let her down. Right now I'll be whatever she wants, patience is everything for always has been.

If you do read this than I want you to know that you are better than him in every way and if he made you feel anything less then he's not worth the thought. I'm sorry things went the way they did but in time everything will be better. Your a movie girl remember...the one that every see's who played that role in the movie and find your name. I don't want to see you crushed. Maybe one day I'll change this roller coaster lifestyle...cure that syndrome we were cursed with...


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