Friday, February 6, 2009

Poetry Update - Written Form

Living in the Pages

I got lost in a dream that was real,
A surreal vision I could feel,
Abruptly taken from me,
Like a child awakened from sleep-
Scared and Confused,
With wandering eyes trying to comprehend,
Screaming for an answer
Becoming a message I can't send.
Things don't make sense, they never do.
When will they ever go the way that we want them to?

I was in control of the routines in my day,
But chaos intervened and got in my way,
Targeting me for reasons I cannot recall,
I guess I wasn't meant to have it all.
For life can't be kind to kind eyes,
And happiness is just a misleading title,
So I lay here with wandering eyes,
Trying to get through this dark trial.

Trying to connect the missing pieces,
The puzzle of my life remaining unfinished,
This jigsaw world becoming my home,
Causing everything I knew to be diminished.
There's no exit for those who wish to leave,
Bound in this empty room with no oxygen to breathe.

I yearn to break free from this,
Like a fairytale awakening- with a kiss.
But fantasy and life can't be intertwined,
It's meant for the stories read at bedtime.
Those stories that are lies to out minds,
To give us the hope that there's a better side.
So when you fall hard you feel "invincible"
Till it's torn away leaving you "invisible.

That was a long time ago,
Yet I'm still behind closed doors,
Reading chapters of a world I adore,
And how I want to go back once more.
Every book has their final chapter,
And they all end with a happily ever after.
I lay down every night,
Waiting for a new dream to take me away,
For that one girl to awaken my life,
And finish my puzzle the right way.


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