Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Good term for me on this blog. Lol okay so heres the deal, I havent been blogging so much because Ive been EXTREMELY BUSY! I didnt really think people would wanna have their pictures taken by me and it seems like that list keeps getting bigger and bigger which is making me happier and happier and Im just happy all the time with this hyperific feeling of ADRENALINE! WOOOO!! ALSO! I think I'm starting to like a certain someone but I won't say who because if she reads this blog my cover is blown lol..gotta wait for the right time =D...I doubt it will go anywhere but hey..its always fun to hope! So thats it..ive been working, going to school, and taking pictures. The cstar life. The one I've always wanted. Next thing to do...

...tell her how I feel. lol (Dramatic music plays in the background) STILL HYPPPERRRRRR


  1. "hyperific" i like it.
    you should DEFINITELY tell her how you feel =)

  2. About time. lol. Good to see you got a lot of business and are keeping busy? Want to hang out monday or something. let me know. AND you still coming to the show, feb 20?

  3. lol nice to see your life is going great =]