Monday, February 16, 2009

Poetry Update

Roller Coaster Syndrome

We all know that expression,
Everything happens for a reason,
Some people think its false,
But its something i believe in,
There are just things out of our control,
That eventually fall into place,
Somethings last forever,
And others need to erase.
There a few of us who must get hurt,
But its a price we must pay,
For we are helpless romantics,
Who cant find the right way.
From one love to the next,
We must figure out whats real,
Who will gain our love?
And who will seal the deal?
Our lives are infected with a curse,
To attract the bad ones first,
And when we think we found the one,
Events keep getting worse.
But its a necessity in life,
So we can learn from whom we choose,
So we can one day win the right one,
Instead of always lose.
We may get hurt from time to time,
But our scars will no doubt heal,
And we cast out those who inflicted us,
Because of how they made us feel.
How they lied to our faces,
And told us promises they couldnt keep,
How we would imagine that perfect union,
Only to drown in the pain that runs deep.
We hate those who cause this,
But are thankful in the end,
Because now we can eliminate these faces
And no longer live in pretend.

She didnt deserve this fate,
Yet it has now entered her veins,
The poison of a tragic game,
That can hurt someone is so many ways.
I have been there before,
And I know how it can be,
How I felt like such an idiot,
And the only one to blame was me,
But I wish it could've passed you,
Instead you are now a victim,
And I'm sorry it had to be this way,
Because you shouldn't have the roller coaster syndrome.
They surround us everyday,
Those fake people in disguise,
Who make us believe in anything,
Until the truth we realize.
They are not worth the thought,
The worthless enemies to our heart,
And it will one day come back around,
To make sure they are torn apart.
So they can know how it feels,
They will remember that cold night,
When the world they know freezes,
And everything they love is removed from sight.
They will know what its like,
They will feel the same pain,
And when they return once more,
All they will find is the cold icy rain.
The thunder clouds of change,
They will be all alone,
And they will cry themselves to sleep,
Until it infects them to the bone.

I know this ride will one day end,
And the last stop will be for you to decide,
Time will heal this injustice,
And these feelings will no longer collide.
You will smile for real,
And there will be no more ache,
Because this will make you stronger,
And a new start you shall make.
You are better than this curse,
And what a mistake he has made,
Because you are worth the challenges of love,
And he just let that fade.
Thats just one less person to remember,
And you will survive any kind of trial,
Because i believe you have a gift,
And that is the strength of your smile.

Count on me for help,
I will do whatever it is you ask,
And i wont make a promise i cant keep,
Because I'm not hiding behind a dishonest mask.
This is only a phase,
And I know you will get through,
Because everything happens for a reason,
And i know this to be true...



  1. YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON. One of the best I know. And I don't know many.