Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mariano For the Save

Iight sooooo I'm backkkkk!...took a lil break but Mariano is on the mound once again. And whoever is lost Mariano River is the closer for the Yankees, cmon guys get ya status up. Iight soooo I can't recap everything that's happened in writing so imma just keep this simple. I'm living a goooood life right now =D, pretty amazing actually. I have so much going on and yet I have control of it all, which is a first. I'm hyped for a lot of things and I no longer have a crappy feeling inside me anymore. LOL WOOO! Shout outs to my man Jonathan Martinez for his hot performance last Friday, he really did a great job. I dont care if he has haters cuz we all do, but that kid has talent and I never doubted that for a minute. I always heard ppl talking mad shizzle about him and this and that and I always said the same thing, "Dont judge. and dont talk bout him in front of me." It's true. I did. lol..and I still would if it happened again.

What else....I passed my first psych exam! lol holla! flying colors yo school is easyyyy. And yooo!! I went to the Bronx Community College campus yesterday to chill with my friend squishy lol..yeah its a knickname..haha well anyways that campus is HUGE! lol and it was cold >.<. But..i learned some math, had a lot of laughs, took some pics that she wont let me upload >.< cuz shes a bum, and I taught her how to flip a coin. LOL whooooooo doesnt know how to flip a coin? ahhaha hay dios mio.


Shout out to K-Cob for that scattegories game over the phone. Lmao i versed her and three of her friends on the phone and beat them all. HAhaaha im a G! lol

Shout out to my class of 08 friends who i saw last friday including my new jersey buddy lorri, who also blogs lol. Who actually came back to following my -_-. LOSER. haha

Iiight soooo whats in store for the days to come : I have no idea, just go at it day by day. lol....and thats it!!! Living my life once again, taking flix, chilling and determined. lol thats my motto.


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  1. It's about friggin time =)
    You are no longer slacking. And I do not know how to flip a coin either so hush!!! And i told you, I never stopped following, I jus did so anonymously[sp?]. SO HA!.

    And I like your motto it's cute. Keep taking "flix" you're good at that =). Hopefully see you next weekend lalal.