Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glass Half Full

Recently, I've found it harder and harder to sleep but easier to smile. I guess good things dont come so easy, but now I realize that they DO happen. I'm not 100% but then again no one ever is. Last night was a fun night for me. If I calculated correctly I spoke to this girl Jennifer for about 5 hours pretty much about random facts and lots of laughs. I needed that. Haven't had one of those convo's in a long time and it made me realize just how easy laughter can overcome pain.

It's snowing outside. I created a creative technique for when it snows, try this. When you are walking concentrate on the snow so that you can create images in the falling pieces. It's just like looking at clouds but it takes a lot more creativity to make an image before the snow hits the ground. Sooner or later the world will appear as falling snow, no people, no streets and no buildings. Its actually amazing, Im trying to take a picture of what this actually looks like but its not so easy to take pictures with your imagination (new quote?) Well anyway shout out to Tiffany for showing me love this entire week and the previous years as well =D. You're becoming my right hand girl.

P.S. The title of this blog is emphasizing how I'm looking at things in a new perspective. Makes sense now doesnt it? =D



  1. wordy word. I need a getaway? You in?

  2. It's still half empty. Is that the negative side? and i'm assuming Jennifer is is college. Yea, college girls rock. lmao. I got some new ideas kid. So hit me up. Talented people are a small circle and let's stick togehter like chewing gum on a sneaker