Sunday, February 1, 2009

Phota-holic Era

I'm happy to see thanks to my closest friends that I'm feeling much better, despite the growing problems I've decided its better to live with them now then regret it later. So the title of this blog basically is stating my new line of work, photography. I never thought photography would motivate me so much, hell I never thought I was good at it. Apparently people like my photos, and I want to properly say thank you to everyone who has made a comment about my pictures because it is that reason alone that I am pursuing work in photography. I have scheduled 3 photoshoots so far and I'm speaking with a couple people to help me "expand my horizon." My current job actually taught me a lot about printing and setting photos up so now I'm looking for a place to set up my photos and sell them. The greatest thing so far about this is the reactions I'm getting from people, actually strangers. I love people who love art, and when that art is mine I'm living in a dream world.

Truly feeling like myself again, maybe even more. Ill never forget those people who helped me realize what I can and can't do, because without criticism we all wouldn't know where we fit in. Thanks again.



  1. hey i've been reading your latest blogs and your not happy =( i know your going throw somethings and thats life but despite me being busy most of the time, im only a phone call away. never to busy to help a friend out - im glad your into this photography thing ! it makes me happy my bestfriend and i have good things to create in the future, i love you julian !! i really do and i miss you. see you soon? hopefully xo

  2. I feel what you saying homie. I'm glad you feel better and my bad about the broadway show, i didn't know you meant this week? keep blogging, keep drawing, and take mad pictures. More hobby = more happiness. I put the "my ode" bk girls remix shit on my myspace so hopefully it ends up good. I want you to be a big part of the project so once you finish the banners and shit, ima put em up and take hidden hand shit down. Idk how to do that so if u want to help please do man. hope to see you soon

  3. i wrote on your fb, and im gonna comment on your blog to cause you're on here more, i'm guessing..
    But, HI, you're one of the best people I know, and I don't know that many people! You're tooo cool!