Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weather oh Weather

You know it's hot when every block you walk you look for the hot dog vendor to get a water. I've been outside a lot these past couple days and I don't want to set another foot outside till I see some snow. It's just too hot. Of course winter rolls around and then it's cold so we wish for heat. Can't weather just be chill like people? Well some people anyways. I like the fall. Breezy with the sun out, nice mild temperature, mid 70's. Perfect weather for pretty much everything, except the beach, well maybe. Than again life is a beach, it's sandy all around me? -Drake. P.S Free Wayne. (off-topic) Back to the weather that melts my skin.

I'm isolated in my office with the a/c on blast, looking at the clock waiting for it to hit 5:00 so I can take my trip in the desert once again. I probably would be on twitter this time last year but I find the minimum 140 words quite frustrating. I like to write and not think about a limit to how much I can write. Words should flow out and not have -43 sorry can't send signs up after. So I'll come back to blogging, my long lost companion. I usually come back when Fall semester begins but I have a lot of writers build up in me, time to let it loose.



  1. Its too cold for summer out here (California)...not that its cold but just not summer-like. Can we trade weather?

  2. I would love to trade weather! =)
    I was born in Los Angeles!