Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm 20 years old now, 1/5 of the way to a century. Years have escaped my memory while others have been burned in my skull. Selective memory is what they should call it, because the truth is we remember the things we want to. A horrid event occurs and the first thing we say is please make it go away and hope in the morning we forget. I remember the great things of my life, the promises kept, the wonderful people who raised my hand, the father figures who failed me replaced by glorious friends.
I like the man I've become. Kind at heart but with a twisted mind. Seeking the happiness of others and never having a personal day. I could do this again and again. I may not be able to keep up with the world but the time I do obtain I try my best to make it worth the tic. I live in New York. I grew up on streets where children played without fear. This is my home, my upper hand. I challenge you to take it from me. Time changes people, but sometimes we forget we have the will to guide what we change into. We have the power of becoming who we want to. If a man can take responsibility for his actions than why can't he take charge if who he becomes? In other words people can say who they are and what they've done but they fail to realize that they have made themselves like that from the start. We have the choice to do great things, or to let it waste.


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