Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Tune for Every Occasion

I believe in music. It is the ultimate therapy, a soothing beat for any mood. Sometimes I can just lay down and listen to music for hours at a time. Whether I be switching tracks between some clever Drake, to my favorite lines of Lil Wayne, the depressing Evanescence, the strength of Linkin Park, the sexual Trey Songz, the powerful Eminem, and that's just a few. I found a song for everything, and with each song I have connected some memory. My most recent memories and the songs that correlate have to be dated starting right before the start of my last dance performance. On the surface the music that I have been repeating since then has been a memory of the energy that was filled with the room during practice but underneath it reminds me of the passionate romance that I was involved in. You could say I fell in love with a song, and I haven't stopped listening to her. Her rhythm has become the beat to my heart and I now move to its command.

The songs play in the back of my head over and over again. Hey Daddy, No Air, Look Only At Me, What Did She Say, Video Phone, and even the transitions have their own place. When they play I see the flashbacks of a classic time in my life, and one that I shall never forget.

Today was simple, I woke up and now I have jumped into bed. In between those two simple actions was a mixture of food, relaxing, and utter disregard for socialization. Sometimes I find that there are days where I need to shut down and recharge everything about my body, not just my physical fuel. Aside from my song, I didn't want to hear anything else.


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