Friday, July 9, 2010

Tragic & Beautiful

Mentality spilled in print, my motto lost with time. I feel like writing has always been apart of my life, why else would that be the first thing they teach us as children? There's a need to write, a need to express yourself in more ways that speech. Writing was the first therapist, until people decided they needed feedback. I rather write to an anonymous person knowing I'll never hear what they have to say about my problems or my expressive thoughts. Its easier to judge others when you expect feedback. I've grown to believe that the best kind of advice and therapy comes from yourself. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone, there are some people who just need individual interaction with another human being. With everything that has happened in my life I found that trusting myself is the best solution to finding a solution. You can never go wrong with picking yourself up, it makes you stronger.

I've been influenced time and time again with my motives and ideas. I have been casted along a script of life and I've been acting since day one. I forgot what was real and what is fake. I've combined my reality with a dream like entity. I call this combination fate. A tragic & beautiful twist, a roller coaster predecessor.


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