Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Write

Where am I going? A question that ceases to escape from my thoughts. Like a note stapled to my vision to remind me in plain sight that I need to find an answer. The solution isnt so simple, for the equation of life's decisions create a world of complex routes. I stand in front of a road that never has a straight path. It has no stop signs or street lights. It's an endless twist of turns and dead ends. I find myself walking with confusion, my mind creating doubt and worshiping hope. Hope for what? Is it really so difficult to find yourself in life? I found that answer to be yes. Along my path there are no mirrors, there's no time to stop and ponder over my actions. Each second I waste is another second I'll never possess. Time goes too quickly to worry about what is the "best choice." My decisions are based on instinct, like the wild animals mankind has yet to create labels for. There are no guidelines for the future, no exclusion from any choice you desire. The fact that remains is there are no helping hands when it comes to yourself. In my mind no one can show me the way, no one can light up the dark clouds that shatter my optimism.

The only thing we have as independent minds of this world, are our decisions and our path. In my sights I have a sign saying Where am I going?  In my mind I have the answer, "Wherever I want."


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