Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Over Now

Appropriate title for the ending of my freshmen year in college. I have to admit it was pretty fun. It was a lil more work than high school and I definitely spent more hours awake than asleep, however, it was fun nonetheless. I met plenty of people who I consider my friends now at school, which is different since I usually start making friends my softmore year in a new school. Like I've said in previous posts I haven't met anyone who I'm truly connecting with, HOWEVER, I may have recently found a pair of those! One of them is my new handball partner (gotta have one at any school) and the other is my newest friend, and one I consider to be closest to me in similarity. We made our schedules together lol, it was pretty funny considering we met like a week ago. That just shows you don't need to spend years with someone to be cool. That's how asians and spanish ppl roll!

So school is out. Now I work and sleep and work and sleep. Sounds good to me. Ill be spending some time at rfk to try and finish Huggins board and I'm confident that I will! And I'm already looking forward to my Fall semester =D. Farewell Hunter, hello Summer!


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