Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Poetry Update (Welcome Back)

This much I know, the truth behind the deleted scenes, the rhymes mixed with the bleeding dreams, I can hear them screaming of this mess, I can see them failing on this test. Chaos has embarked within our minds, lifting off into desire, haunting our streets of life, depriving us of what we admire. Where did we make the wrong turn? Who lit the match to make us all burn? This overgrowing flame deep within our spine, this overbearing pain scarring a new design. The silent whispers have increased, the ones we looked up to are now deceased, fallen kings on every channel, memorials taken place, surrounded by candles, the world has dressed in black, the future has decided to take a trip back, to when things were harder and we had to find our way, if only we listened to what the world had to say.

-Julian Cazares

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